AQE Transfer Test (CEA)

Key dates for AQE (CEA) 2022

  • Wednesday 4th May 2022: Registration Opens
  • Friday 23rd Sep 2022: Registration Closes
  • Saturday 19th November 2022: 1st AQE Paper
  • Saturday 22nd Nov 2022: 2nd AQE Paper
  • Saturday 3rd Dec 2022: 3rd AQE Paper
  • Saturday 4th Feb 2023: Provisional date for results

Information about AQE Assessments 2022

According to AQE:

'To take account of the considerable disruption caused by Covid-19 to children’s education over the past two years, the mitigation arrangements put in place for the 2021/22 assessment will remain the same for this year'

  • Pupils will be given an extra 10 minutes to complete each paper (ie.70 minutes instead of 60 minutes).
  • The language within the English and Maths questions will be made more accessible.
  • The length of the English passages will be shortened where appropriate.
  • Certain topic areas will be omitted from the Mathematics Specification.