My Transfer Test | AQE and GL specifications for 2022
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AQE and GL specifications for 2022

Both AQE and PPTCNI (GL) will use a reduced specification as per the 2021 tests.

AQE 2022

Pupils will have 70 minutes instead of 60 minutes to complete their paper.

The language within the questions will be more accessible

The length of the English passages will be shortened if appropriate.

Certain topics will not be included in the Maths specification.

The following Maths topics will not be tested in AQE 2022:


  • percentages
  • triangular numbers
  • the use of a letter to represent an unknown number
  • the interpretation of a calculator display in relation to money
  • multiplication beyond a 3-digit number multiplied by a 2-digit number
  • division beyond a 3-digit number divided by a single digit


  • negative numbers
  • calculating area of a non-right-angled triangle
  • the continuous nature of measurement and the need for appropriate accuracy
  • the use of scale in simple maps and diagrams
  • calculations related to timetables involving the 24-hour clock

Shape and Space

  • reflecting a shape in a diagonal line
  • tessellation
  • name and describe circles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons

Handling Data

  • pie charts
  • mean and ranges
  • probability and likelihood