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Get ready for 2020 AQE & GL

My Transfer Test is an award-winning resource, with unique online practice tests and thousands of revision questions all with automatic marking.

English & Maths Practice Questions with Automatic Marking

Self-marking questions help children understand correct answers in real-time.

Topic Selection

Choose which topics that they prefer to answer questions on before beginning each revision session which allows for more focused and targeted testing.

Award-winning Practice Transfer Tests with Automatic Marking

The interactive transfer tests provided have been designed and written to match the question style and layout of Northern Ireland's AQE transfer test, and closely follow the AQE specification. All questions are written by teachers based in Northern Ireland, and are relevant to the current NI Curriculum.

While GL style interactive practice tests are currently under development, the GL specification covers the same curricular areas and so all revision questions and practice tests will also be relevant to GL candidates.

Insightful reports

My Transfer Test's dashboard displays detailed percentage scores as well as the number of questions and tests answered for a quick comprehensive overview of your child's progression as they prepare to sit the P7 transfer test.